BYU Football

BYU Football

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The feelings going through my mind are just out of this worl right now. So many emotions flying left and right I don't even know how to handle them. I am VERY VERY sad that about who and what I am leaving when I go on my mission, because I know that nothing will be the same and I know how many people here in Oregon have led the way for me, and have really taught me all lifes lessons. There's only been one key turning point in my life thus far, and that was when I moved to Oregon from Utah. I cried for basically a year..I was so mad, and sad and missed Utah so bad I just wanted to go back. I now look back on who i've become and the people that have influenced me here and can tell how inspired dad was to move here. I compare this to me going on my mission. I will be very sad and REALLY down at times and possible wanting to come home, but I know that I am just starting another chapter in my life, and I just can't see what the future holds, but I have hope for greatness! This is going to be really tough, I already know it. In a way, I kind of made it a lot harder on myself than I should have, but that's the past, that already happened. I just have to take the lessons i've learned and truly apply them in my life. It's really all on my own now. I mean, I felt a little bit on my own at BYU and stuff, but obviously and mom and dad know how hard it is to be out on your own and help you out with a bunch of stuff. But now that i'm going on the mission, I kind of felt that they were finally letting go and kind of saying "I've tried to teach you as much as I could, but it's time for you to see if you learned from your lessons, and not have someone beside you 24/7". It's a great feeling, because you feel independant, but than you realize how much your parents actually did(do) for you everyday!
I look at this as my biggest trial...the sadness that is coming from leaving, because I don't really have that many difficult things in my life..I am truly blessed, and to even be able to have such amazing friends and family that helped me out so much in my life is truly a blessing from my Heavenly Father!! Man, I wish I could always stay on the high spiritual side, because I have been feeling the spirit so much lately, and it has been SO powerful to me, but than when it kind of fades I let my mind go off into things that I dont need to be focusing on, like what im going to be missing back home!!
I don't even know what else to say. Sunday was one of the most spiritual/craziest days EVER!! I am probably the worst public speaker ever, but somehow...well I know how, I just followed the spirit, it was incredible. I really can't describe it, but it was great, and the whole day was just very very emotional. There were a bunch of people at church, than afterwards, like all of Oregon came to the open house at my house. It was so great to see everyone, but than I realized how many people i've known that have really helped me and been an example to me here in Lebanon.
Well, This is probably going to be my last post...I want to say that I will post again but I probably won't. I love you all and am going to miss you greatly!! I know what i'm doing is what I need to be doing, and am so excited it's UNBELIEVABLE! Until next time..

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Alright, well WAY to much has happened in the past month to really get an overview, but i'll try my best!!!

-MARCH MADNESS!!!!- Gotta love it, one of the best times of the year! March madness is like nothing else, the upsets, the last second shots, and just craziness! The past couple of years I have been doing really well with my bracket, but this year, I guess just wasn't my year at all. I don't think i'm going to get ANY of the final fours right...can't believe it!! But you know what, March Madness is still incredible, and I just love the feeling of it, even though it can bring me down SO much, as some of the family saw when Duke beat Butler, and when BYU lost!!!

-WORK- Nate and I worked at A.M. Equipment for about a month building windshield wipers! It was actually one of the best jobs i've had (not saying much because I havn't had many), but it was really interesting to feel how unified the employers were there and actually see how it affects them in such a positive way. Everyone just wants to get things done there and works so hard because of the attitude, and I guess it just is a really great and fun job. Anyways, it was awesome working with Nate and having a lot of great talks with him and other workers there. I am grateful I had the opportunity to work there and hope that I can find another great job for another month before I leave.

-Vacation- Well, I don't really know where to begin on this one. For spring break, the fam decided to get together down in St. George at our condo in Green Valley Resort(I think that's the name). Well, first off, nature is truly beautiful, and I love Utah and the beauty it has, especially the mountains and canyons, it is SOO pleasing to the eye, it just makes you feel happy looking at them. So, at the condo, we have a great view of the canyons in the "backyard" and I loved going out there everynight to watch the sunset....One of the best things about the trip though, was that the WHOLE family was there....EVERYONE including in laws and nieces from Oregon to Texas, which came to 15 people, it was so great to feel there love and to be around such amazing people. Family is really something else. You can always count on your family for anything, and always look to them for everything...especially when you have so many of them. At the resort, there was a bunch of swimming pools, basketball hoops, tennis courts, volleyball, and a bunch of other fun activities. We basically did all of them, and it was a blast. Mckay and I played a game in the pool where we would see how many times we could hit the volleyball back and forth with our heads, I think I still have a headache from doing it...ha, I think our high was 36. We also had some intense family volleyball games, and tennis games. I love how competetive my family is, and that it just gets crazy sometimes, expecially when Sara acts cocky when were losing by 10 in volleyball!! I really don't know what else to say, I mean, being around family, just lets me realize that everything is ok, and that I am truly loved. It lets me know that I really have someone to turn to when things are difficult. Than seeing my three little nieces with such GREAT loving spirits makes me want to cry. They are so beautiful, and I really can't not smile when I see them. I love the example that my family is to me, and the wise advice they have given me in almost every circumstance i've been in. I love them so much, and I think our wednesday night conversation can almost not be written because of how amazing it was, I really think I cried so much that my eyes were seriously dry....So much love in that conversation, and just so much love from family. Anyways, St. george was really hot, and the weather was amazing all week, so that means sunburns for everyone in the family basically...I got it pretty bad, well I thought I did, until I saw my dads...WOW, I didn't know you could get that sun burnt. Well, I'm now in Fresno, California, with my moms side of the family, and wow, family keeps on getting more amazing to me. We're heading home tomorrow morning at 5, well at least that is the plan, and I will be back to good old Lebanon Oregon tomorrow night!!! What a great trip to be with the ones I love, and feel the spirit they possess and try to understand one another!!!

Well, I don't have another headline because I'm getting kicked off the computer for now. Life is great, I basically have one more month until the mission, and I am getting more excited than ever, and temptations keep on building on me, but than the protection just gets that more intense. As I kind of said in the conversation we had on Wednesday, it really is like a war between good and evil, and there battling for my soul, and i'm almost not doing anything, and can feel the power of good just take over the evil temptations I have!!! It's something else. I still have to get my suits, and actually just do a bunch of stuff to get prepared. I've been doing a lot of reading and searching and getting so intrigued with the scriptures, and the word of God. Sometimes I feel very unprepared for the mission, but than I just realize that if I put my faith and trust in God, I will be fine as long as I try my hardest and work my hardest. It's time to serve the Lord and do as he said in Matthew 28:19-20, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen." It's God's work, and we are all involved in it at all times, as we are all missionaries, but I am so excited to be set apart as a missionary of the Lords and to be his servant at ALL TIMES and in ALL places, and truly living so I can be directed by the spirit in everyway. It's almost like a vacation to me. To be able to search the scriptures, and to teach the people the gospel of Jesus Christ, it's almost like that's all I REALLY want to do, and that's what brings joy to my life. I just can't wait for this great opportunity I have, and all the experiences I am going to have to help me learn and grow, and be able to better recognize the spirit. I can't believe it is here, and i'm actually leaving...but it is, and it's time, and I LOVE IT!! I love the gospel, and all the joy and blessings that comes to my life because of it, and I can't wait to share that with the great people in Florida and Georgia. What a wonderous time in my life right now, and how blessed I am with such great examples and such an amazing family. I just hope that I can truly seek charity out in my life and let the savior lead and guide me in the right direction wherever I go. I know that I am supposed to go on a mission at this time, not because I want to, or because my family told me to, but because of my testimony of the true and living gospel, and because it is a commandment of God to teach ALL nations, and baptize. I am going to serve the people in Jacksonville, Florida, but most importantly, I am going there to Serve my true and living Heavenly Father. I guess by serving the people in Florida, I am serving my Heavenly Father as said in Mosiah 2:17 "When Ye Are in the Serviceof Your Fellow Beings Ye Are Only in theService of Your God". Man, I just feel so great right now, and want to keep writing. Man, it's time, once again, the gospel is here in it's fulness and people are waiting for it to come into there lives and to feel the joy and happiness that comes from it. I have had some talks with my brother Nate, and just overheard some of the things he has said, but we had a talk about contention, and how that is really satans tool to sway away from the spirit. Really NOONE I teach will ever know anything through me, but through the spirit the will testify to them through the faith the have. I know as I go down to Florida, and the "bible belt" that many people will want to bible bash with me and try to prove things right or wrong by the interpretations they have, when really I know that doesn't get anywhere, and you can try to prove anything right or wrong, but what it really comes down to is true and sincere prayer in finding the truth, not by trying to prove or using the words of man, but by using the kind and gentle spirit that teaches ALL things as talked about in 1 corinthians as I am reading that chapter it just makes me realize more and more that everything is taught through the spirit and faith in that spirit. If your reading this, you should just open up to that chapter and read it, and than you'll know that i'm not the ones teaching the people in Florida, but the spirit that is in me teacheth. I think my favorite verses out of that chapter is verse 4 and 5"And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and of power. 5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." Oh man, that just gives me strength to go out and teach with that same spirit and power. I'm not one of those people to really persuade people anyways with enticing words, so I kind of only have one choice, and that is to teach by the power of the spirit. Well, I could go on and on all night on how excited I am for my mission, and the things I am doing to prepare myself, but I won't. I will just say once again that it is time, and I can't wait. I will miss my family so much, and a lot of close friends, and it will be really hard for me, but I know that as I put my strength in the Lord he will help me focus on the work he has me set forth to do. I love you all....until next time!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

One of The Best examples in my life!!

I think one of the least known parts about my life may be this person to the left! Whenever I tried to talk about her to family members, words just could not describe the person she is and how she has affected my life. So, i'm deciding to tell you a little bit more about her, and hopefully get across the feelings i've had and the example she has been and always is to me. This young women isn't any ordinary girl, she's Mattea Williams!

I really don't know where to begin, because there is really so little that everyone knows about us. I guess I can just start off by saying that we met through a blind date our junior year at homecoming, and really had an amazing time. We started talking a lot after that, and started liking eachother, but than we both realized that it was pointless because of our religions. So we kind of said we were going to be friends, but we really didn't even talk at all for a while until she asked me to formal senior year. From there, we have basically liked eachother throughout senior year up until now. We have tried to attempt not talking and other strategies that have not worked at all. So throughout those 2 in a half years of knowing her we really got to understand eachothers feelings and desires. We have had some really deep conversations that have helped me grow tremendously. Until I met her, I think I only read a couple verses here or there out of the bible. Through the conversations of religion, she got me so intrigued in understanding the bible. Although one might say to me that she is not a good person to be around or the example I need to have around me as i'm preparing for a mission, she has really had so many questions and thoughts that have given me opportunities to realize I need to study more on some of those subjects and truly understand them for myself. I'm not sure I would know some of the things I know, and understand some of the things I understand if it werent for Mattea questioning my religion and me having the desire to look it up, because, I guess I wanted her to understand what I REALLY believed and not mess it up. So, Mattea has helped me too many times and in too many ways to count. I can look back to things I have gained a testimony of, and some of the first thoughts about that certain belief started out with Mattea asking me about it.

Not only has Mattea helped me so much with understanding the bible, and just giving me courage to really search and find, she has literally been the best example a friend can have. I have NEVER met anyone so dedicated to do good in their lives. That is what really got me liking her at the start, her desire to stand for what's right and to let people know her standards. I really can't say how she lives her life, because I don't know everything she does, but from what I know about her and understand is that she really let's her light shine to others and people understand her and what she believes in by the way she lives. Just her prescence makes you want to be good, at least for me. I have never been in a situation with her where I felt scared that something bad was going to happen or the we were going to do something wrong because of how great of a person she is and the standards she possesses. Those standards don't just come, they come by obediance to the Lord and his commandments, and as we do that we feel so much joy from the Lord, and that joy really shows in Mattea. I don't know if anyone else feels this like I do, i'm pretty sure you do, but when someone is living the right way and obeying the Lord, you can really tell because they just show so much joy, love, and care for people, just as you can tell if they are not obeying the Lord.

I look at Mattea and really want to be like her in so many ways. for one thing, I am not an organized person at all, and Mattea basically has that covered. She runs all the time just to stay in shape (I havn't gone on a jog for over 3 months) and I definately need to start getting in that pattern, because I am really out of shape. And one of the biggest things that I have always had a tough time with is my priorities, and getting them straightened up. It seems like Mattea just understand whats most important in life, and knows what she needs to do, but more importantly she knows how to not waste time really in the day, and whenever something needs to be done she gets it done, whereas I will just think about it for a while than forget about it.

I really love that she understands prayer, and that at any time we can pray to our Heavenly Father. We can go to him for thanks for the many blessings we have received, and for wisdom and courage to persevere through some of the trials we go through. We have both shared some experiences we have had with the spirit, and how sometimes when the spirit just tells you something, it's just so powerful, you can't not do it.

Oh yeah, on top of all of the things I have talked about, she is a STUD athlete. She dominates basketball (Mckay I think she could beat you..ha), she was an All State basketball player and also played volleyball and track, where she went to state in track her sophomore year, and was a great volleyball player.

Sometimes I wonder why I met Mattea at all, because it was really hard for us to accept the fact that nothing will ever come from us and it just seemed like everything was for nothing. Oh how I was wrong. I have learned and grown SO MUCH just from knowing this single girl. Although nothing might not ever come from me and Mattea, her influence and example that she was to me will always lead me through my life, and I will look back at the things I have learned from her many times to give me strength in my life.

Well, I guess the reason I am writing all of this about her is because she really was one of the best examples in my life, and it has been so awesome and great to get to know her over the years. Also, I guess to fill you guys in on not even a hundredth of our story, but enough to let you know how things went and how she affected my life, and thirdly is because last night we FINALLY decided on really just being friends, so I felt now was a good time to really talk about everything and realizing that although we hope and pray for eachother all the time, our relationship will basically go nowhere unless their is a change (in religion) which we both know is probably not going to happen. I actually want to kind of expound on that, because I have prayed about this numerous times, and it is so amazing how the Lord works. When I prayed, sometimes because of the feelings I had for Mattea, I would pray for her to understand what I understand so something can come from us, when that is totally not how I need to go about it with the Lord. As I learned more about that, I understood that I needed to pray for EVERYONE to come unto Christ and fill his love, and that I shouldn't pray for Mattea to understand my beliefs just so something can come from us, but because I truly love and care for her and that I just want the best for her. I have hopped between both feelings, but I know as I feel the spirit directing me, that is when I really have the true desire for not only Mattea, but for everyone to come unto the truth.

When I look back on the amazing 2 in a half years of knowing Mattea Williams, I think to myself that I am a very lucky person to have crossed paths with her, and to really get to understand her from the inside out. She not only gave me hope and love, but she was that strength I needed when I was down, even though she probably didn't even know it, I would just think about her and that would just make me realize I need to be like Mattea in this situation. I wish that everyone could meet Mattea and try to really understand her and than you would realize how great she actually is. I guess I can say thanks to Mattea for the experiences we've had and the true example of goodness she has been to me. Mattea is one of my best friends, and I really think she always will be. Despite the feelings we have had for eachother, I really feel that through the Lord's strength, he will help us get through those feelings, and if it be his will still be great friends. Everyone who is reading this (probably mostly family), I know that you'll have some thoughts about not getting to close to a girl especially for a mission, and I understand all of those cares and what can happen when you're to close to a girl. As I have said this whole post, Mattea was a source of righteousness that has helped me in my righteousness, which in turn has helped me prepare for my mission. We really never were "Together" because of what we knew about what can't come from it, but yes we did like eachother..a lot, but I think that is what is going to make us closer as friends. well everyone can read this, but if I had something to say to Mattea it would be to keep doing what you're doing. Stay close to the spirit, and let God direct you because he knows what will bring the most joy to your life.

I really could write a novel about our story, not even kidding. I just want to continue writing because what I have said, is SO little for all the things we have been through. Dad is going to love this post..ha, Mom will say well thats good, but just wait til after your mission, Mac Daddy will probably call me(well we do have an agreement to talk to eachother everyday before my mission) and ask me some things, Sara will give some great advice as always, Jamie will say what mom said(because she basically is mom) I know she doesn't like to hear that, but their really is so much good that I mean out of that when I say it, Jake will give an inspirational talk to me, Nate will tell stories of his experiences with girls, and last but not least, Kaylie will learn from what I have done wrong and be the best of all the Proberts, and when you look how she has lived now, it's already starting. So family(or whoever reads this) whether you liked this post, or felt like I just didn't need to write any of this because it's not what I need to worry about, I really felt like I needed to share some of the things I have learned from Mattea and help you better understand her! It's not even about the girlfriend/boyfriend status (ha), it's about our relationship as friends and how we have learned and grown from eachother so much. I hope that we will continue to have a great friendship and keep learning and growing from eachother. Mattea Williams was (and still is) one of the biggest examples in my life, and I thank Heavenly Father for meeting the wonderful girl. Until next time!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thanks Florida! Thanks for nothing!

Well I know that I havn't wrote a post for a while, and that's partially do to the fact that I have been dead all week, and just pretty busy all the time. But yes Seth is actually writing a post right now believe it or not.

-Thanks Florida! Thanks for nothing!-

Unbelievable!! That's the only word that can describe my mission call! First off, I have to explain how the "Thanks Florida! Thanks for nothing" came about even though most of you already know. Sara and I were talking about the Florida primaries the day after it took place, and she was talking about a friends blog and how upset he gets about the whole thing! Anyways, he wrote this huge thing on Florida and how Mccain was just playing a game to get the people. He just sounded SO MAD at Florida. Than finally at the end of his post he writes "Thanks Florida! Thanks for nothing"!! Me and Sara laughed for SO long about this, and it was so funny! So basically that's why I wrote about it in my blog, and I guess Jamie is going to say that everytime she talks to me because she thinks it's the funniest thing in the world that I said that the day before my call! So, basically the whole family and a lot of friends already know where i'm going, but for those who don't know, i'm going to Jacksonville, Florida!!! The night before I got the call, Wayne and I spent the night at Nate's(at the house he was sitting), and we had a great time playing pool, hot tubbing, and just talking. Than the day after, mom calls at like 12 and is flippin out because the neighbors said the mail came! So she wanted me to come home as fast as possible and check it! So me and Nate drove home, and I went and checked the mail, and sure enough there's a letter from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints to Elder Seth Mark Probert! Nate saw it, and I just gave him a hug, than I looked down at the letter and was kind of in shock, knowing that this was it. This is what I have been waiting my whole life for and I just started getting really excited about everything. Mom, came home like five minutes later and I showed her the letter, and she got SO EXCITED and just came up and gave me a hug! Mom started calling everyone telling them "we" got the call and that we're going to open it soon. I went upstairs and had some personal time to read and pray than to listen to somet good music that would bring the spirit to me. I went back downstairs, and I was just pacing everywhere. I couldn't stop moving I was so excited!! Kaylie and dad finally came home, and than we got all (I think it was like 7 or 8 connections to everybody in the family and it was time. Kaylie and Nate both had two phones held up to me, Mom and the speaker phone on the home and her cell phone and than dad had a phone, and Wayne was taking pictures. I opened the letter, and put the cover in front of the letter so I wouldn't look straight down to where I was going. I proceeded to read. As I was reading the first line, I started to feel the power of the calling, and it just overcame me knowing that I was called to serve not only for the church but for God. I than went onto the second line and read "You are assigned to labor in the Florida Jacksonville Mission! That is where the Lord wants me at this time in the world, and I know that there is nowhere else that I should be! I don't know if any of the family could tell on the phones, but yes I started tearing up a little as I read it because it was just overwhelming! I am ready to serve the Lord, and to teach people of the Restored Gospel on the earth today, and to have them receive the same blessings that I have! It's a little different when you tell your mom or dad where you're going on your mission than when you tell a high school buddy where you're going. Mom and dad know how to look at it, with faith in the Lord and knowing that I was called of God to serve in Florida. When I tell a friend from school (Lebanon in particular) they seem to look at it on the outward sides of things instead of spiritual. They don't understand that I am going there to serve The God Almighty, and that everything I am doing there is for him, especially when they say (Man your mission is WAY better than Jakes and Mckays, you get the weather AND the babes) No mission is better than any other mission. You are meant for your own mission and meant to have your own experience to help you grow spiritual. Also, it doesn't matter where you go at all, how the weather is like, what the people are like, it just matters that we are filled with the spirit of the Holy Ghost to help us reach out to those people and help them understand the gospel of Jesus Christ! To end about the mission call, basically I just can't wait. I already know that it is going to be really hard and that I need to be obediant in everyway, but sometimes even though you "Think" you know things you have to keep being told them over and over again to remind you. So I think i'm going to be talking to my family a lot about the mission, and maybe an outlook of the whole thing. Thanks for all the guidance you have already given me, and the love and care you have always shown for me. Sometimes, in the family I kind of feel the I am praised WAY TOO MUCH...not saying I don't like it, but I really feel inadequate for the things I am given sometimes and really for the things people say to me!

-Onto WORK-

WOW!!! Well, I got a job through Selectemp for at least two weeks but it could be up to a month! I'm working at Mary's River Lumbermill at $11.72 an hour. This week was so hard. It's a hard job in general, but I think it was harder because I ahvn't really been doing much other than waiting for the mission call and looking for a job, so I was kind of relaxing. Going from relaxing to this is a pretty big step! So, I worked monday through Friday this week. I get up at around 4:00 A.M. and eat and get ready for work (put on like 4 sweatshirts and two pants, than two gloves and steel toed boots. I than leave at around 4:45, and head to Philomath(well the mill is actually past Philomath) and I start work at 5:50, and the WHOLE day ALL I do is stac 1x6 boards in columns of ten and rows of seven 4 times than a column of eight, than I puch my cart out and the forklift comes and takes it and than I pull the cart back in and do the same thing all over again ALL DAY! The wood comes down a conveyer belt, and I deal with the 2 wood (which is the best wood) There are about 7 people on the line of the conveyer belt. Their is a guy at the front flipping them over so there not all scattered, than there is a guy marking them to tell whether they are 3 woods or 2 woods, than there are two people throwing away the wood that is no good. Than there is a guy that does the 4 woods, which usually has a lot of holes in them, but it's good enough to be stacked. Than there is another guy in front of me who does the 3 woods, which are the ones with have really big knots on them, usually a couple of big ones actually, than there comes to me all the 2 woods and let me tell you, MOST of the wood that comes through is 2 woods, and I think the manager knew that I was a newbie and wanted to kill me or something because it is so tough, and it gets pretty crazy sometimes when theres like 50 2 woods right in a row and I have to stack a bunch REALLY fast. But anyways, I get a 15 minute break at 9, than lunch break at 11:30, than one more break at 2:30, than i'm done at 4:30 and I get home at about 5:30. Once I get home I kind of just relax until about 8:00 when everyone is home and talk to the family for a bit, and I try to get to bed around 9:00. No social life really all week, but I guess it can be worth it because I think I made somewhere around $650 last week. I don't talk to anyone at work because it's so loud in there and everyone where's earplugs, well I guess I do talk to someone, myself, and sing a lot to myself, than I just think about everything, Florida, Family, Mitt Romney, etc. I think 3 out of the 5 nights I slept last week I drempt about work...HORRIBLE, it was like I wouldn't get away from stacking wood, ha! Well I am done with this job whenever they don't need me anymore, and they don't know when that is yet. I think it is really funny that the manager didn't know my name until yesterday, and I don't know how they know the people are there because you don't check in anywhere and you basically don't talk to anyone, but I guess they got something going. So after this job, i'm wanting to work with Nate somewhere because I think that would be a lot of fun to live with Nate and than work with him, and we could just talk about everything.

Other than work and the mission call I have just been around the family and hanging out with Wayne basically. I actually went rollerblading the last two nights, which always brings back some good memories. Everyone has to go rollerblading this month. It will feel weird at the start, but than you'll start skating, and LOVE it! It's seriously so much fun!

Church basketball didn't go to well this last week. ALthough our team is 3-0, which two of those are forfiets, we played last weekend, which actually wasn't the team we were supposed to face, so we already had a win, but me and Wayne still treated it like any other game. Me and wayne bought some chocolate milk to have during the game and some donuts for the players after they won. But man, this game was pretty intense. Brother Gabell Reffed for us, and I think he purposely made the game closer than it should have been (since refs can really do whatever they want with a game). So it came down to about 2 minutes left and we're down about one, and it's just going back and forth, and me and Wayne are flipping out. Calling time out left and right and getting our players pumped and focused and making them believe in themselves and that they can do it. We drew up some plays the entire game, but anyways, we ended up being down 4 with 9 seconds left and we drew up a play for Tysen to shoot a three because he was on all night, and it worked PERFECTLY, and he swished the three with 3 seconds left, and we called timeout. We were down one with 3 seconds left and their ball, so I just told them DON'T LET THEM GET THE BALL, do whatever you have to do, but if they do get the ball foul them. Well that just did not happen, they got the ball made a quick pass and ran out the clock. WE LOST!!!!! That was mine and Waynes FIRST church ball loss in like 8 years. You would think, well it's church ball in Oregon so it's not even big, but me and Wayne were actually pretty upset and just couldn't believe it!!! So that was and Wayne actually ended up staying and playing some basketball with the Evans and some other people showed up to play! I got my first dunk OVER was pretty sweet, but than I felt really bad at the same time. Some swimmers from the high school came over and played with us, so I got the ball and drove to the hoop and two guys tried to stop me and I jumped over them and slammed it home..ha, I came to the ground the looked and both of them were just laying on the ground. At first I was like, I can't believe I actually did it, but than I saw one of the guys glasses on the ground, and felt really bad because they were bent slightly, so I talked to the guy for a while saying sorry and everything and everything turned out good! I don't know why I explained that whole story, I guess I was just excited that I actually dunked over someone.

K well, this is really long, and I seem to have pattern already of not writing in my blog for a while, than just going all out! So I don't know whether or not i'll keep it up much, but yes I will write in it when I am feeling it! SO whoever ACTUALLY read this whole thing, thanks, and please leave a comment because I love them.

I love you all, and thanks for everything you have done in helping me grow in one way or another, whether you are family or friend, or just someone reading this. Until next time!!

Thanks Florida! Thanks for nothing!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mission Call!! Laughter...

Well it's coming today, I can just feel it! If it doesn't, it doesn't, but it's going to. Because "I can feel it in the air tonight, and i've been waiting for this moment for all my life"! I think i've listened to that song at least 150 times over the past week, because it fits my mood so well right now and waiting for my mission call. I really am so excited to see where the Lord wants me to go (and when).. I have been praying every night just for comfort in knowing that wherever I am sent, I am supposed to go there for a reason! So if I get the call today, I think i'm going to open it up around 8:30 my time so Mckay and Jake can be involved, so be ready then!!

So I was talking with Sara last night for forever just about everything. We started talking about the debates and how bugged we are about how that is going, but though Mitt Romney stood strong last night. Anyways, We were going over songs we like and our own blogs and saying how much we loved each one. Than out of nowhere I kind of got distracted and was partially listening to Sara and said something that didn't make sense at all (Sara you're going to have to remind me what I said) and than Sara just FLIPPED OUT!! She just started laughing SO HARD, and I was kinda startled at first because I didn't know why she was laughing so hard, than I started getting to the point where I was laughing "only" because Sara was laughing so hard, and it was so funny. The next ten minutes on the phone were straight laughter. Sara almost died on the phone! You know, I think we all need a REALLY good laugh every once in a while. I mean, at one point we had no clue what we were laughing at..We would pause for like two seconds, than one of us would bust up laughing and it would all start again. I think we all know and have had that feeling, especially being in the Probert family, we do that quite often. So Yeah, I just wanted to say how fun it was just to laugh, and how it just makes you feel good, and helps you get out stress in a way that is joyful!

If you have read Kaylies blog, you've probably read a little about the sledding adventure, and boy was she right about it being really tough. Wayne, Dustin, Bethanie, Kaylie and I all climbed up Petersons butte on Monday! It was an adventure I will never forget! I brought cleets to get some traction, and I think that helped out a lot, but than there goes Wayne and Kaylie in basketball shoes, which barely had any traction, so they were slipping everywhere, I would look down at Wayne and I felt like we were climbing mt. Everest at times! We definately took a lot of stops on the way up there for breathers, but once we got up there it was incredible. I have been there before when Thomas, Wayne and I climbed it at 4:30 in the morning to watch the sunrise over the summer, and that was incredible. This time was a lot different because there was fog and clouds everywhere, so it was tough to see Lebanon and Highway 34, but it was still quite a view. We all decided to start building a snowman, and we built it like 8 or 9 feet tall so all of Lebanon could see it, and used HUGE branch sticks for the arms, and than deer dumplings (ha) for the smile and the eyes! So after we built that enormous snowman, we were ready for the FUN part of sledding down the entire way. We ended up going down for a while than crashing and skidding across rocks, which actually hurt pretty bad. There was one part of the "mountain" that was super steep for a long time, so we (Wayne,Dustin and I) decided to take it on in our three passenger sled, and i'll tell you what, I think we got up to like 30 mph, not exaggerating at all, just ask Kaylie. Than we kept going for a long time, and I just felt like I was going to get hurt somehow, but than we hit this little bump and all three of us just flew out, and slid on the ground for about 40 to 50 feet! I don't know how nobody got hurt, but nobody did, and we all just started laughing right after. Anyways, we had a couple more sledding adventures going down but that was the funnest one. Although it was just Petersons Butte and might have only been like a 2000 foot climb, it was an adventure that I will always look back to with my sister and friends as a once in a lifetime experience.

Dad decided to save a bunch of money on our phones, so he took out texting, picture messaging, and internet service, and said we were going to drop two phones, but as he was talking to the Lady about it, she said that we could keep the other two lines for free. Obviously sprint doesn't want us to drop any lines. Anyways, this is mostly for the people that text in the family, but the Lebanon Proberts are out on texting for now, and for me i'm for sure done until after the mission.

K well, I hope this post was worth the wait (because I know some of you were wanting one really bad). I'm going to try and keep it updated a little more, but doesn't everyone say that, and how many actually do? I'll try to give more comments on other peoples blog and share my thoughts!

My last words for the day which Sara will love....Thanks Florida! Thanks for NOTHING!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well....Job searchin for me is still not going so well. I have been called by selectemp quite a few times, and actually lost an amazing job that paid $13.55 an hour, but you know what, it happens. Anyways, I've taken a few jobs from selectemp that are only week long jobs, and I am going to be working part time with Jerry Workman at Weyerhouse. Right now, i've just been working a little with our neighbor Gary Jones, but he just doesn't have as much work for me as I want or as I need to do. He is really a great guy, and he is trying to help me get a job by talking with some people he works with. So that's my job situation right now!

Mission!!! Well it's been officially a week since I turned my papers in! I talked with the bishop today and he said that on the computer it said that i'm ready to receive my call, which means that they have went through all my papers and now it's all up to the apostles. I've been praying everynight for me to feel comfort and know that wherever I go, it is really inspired from God, and that he knows where i'm supposed to go! I'm at the end of Alma right now in the Book of Mormon, and I never realized how many wars there were, and how bad the Lamanites were. On the other hand, there are SO MANY miracles and blessings that happen in the Book of Mormon. One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon is Ammon and the Sons of Mosiah... INCREDIBLE! I just wish I had that faith, and that much truth in me! Ammon doesnt do ANYTHING on his own, everything is by the spirit, and he is directed in everything he does. This comes because of his enormous amount of faith and love for God and his people. I hope I can be a 100th of Ammon, and I will be a GREAT missionary. Anyways, i'm really excited to get my call, and everyone keeps asking where I want to go, but seriously it doesn't matter AT ALL to me, I just want to get out there and serve!

Basketball....So Me and Wayne are the coaches for the church basketball team and we are LOVING IT! We are going all out, even though we only have 4 games and one was taken off the schedule, so technically 3. But yeah, our first game, we showed up in our white shirts and matching ties, with a cup of hot chocolate and a clipboard! This is business, we have to win games, and we have to get our kids ready so they can go out there and dominate. We had a team meeting, and we all decided on the team name "Snow Peak Avalanche". Wayne and I have had numerous coaches meetings and have spent countless number of hours on preparing our team. Since we got our team name down, me and Wayne have been going through a bunch of designs for our t-shirts. We finally narrowed it down to two, and we voted as a team which one they wanted. So now were onto the making of the t-shirts. Our first game went REALLY WELL....we won 95-24 and basically dominated the other is a write up that I did for the game and posted on the church wall....

Snow Peak Avalanche Basketball
Tysen Webber "MVP"
Scott Scofield
Brad Webber

Steven Evans
Kyle Webber
Game Recap:
The Avalanche from the Snow Peak Ward seemed to have the dominating force the entire game. Tysen Webber had a standout game with 33 points and was named Most Valuable Player. He was helped out with a great effort from Steven Evans, who had a surprising 27 points. The Avalanche won the game 95 to 24, and the Riverview Ward had to go extra deep into their roster, looking to their Head Coach Brother Gabell for help. Brother Gabell brought some hope for the Riverview ward, but it just wasn’t enough for the all powerful Avalanche!
Game MVP: Tysen Webber
Game Surpriser: Steven Evans
Best defensive player: Steven Evans
Record: 1-0
Head Coach Wayne Stearns and assistant Coach Seth Probert are very excited for this team to keep rising to the top. We not only see this team as a championship team this year, but we will continue growing in the years to come to create a dynasty.
Scouting Report:
Brownsville: 7 footer is really good down low, he can jump, and leads the team. Team plays very well together, which may be influenced by the Head Coach.
Jefferson: Point Guard likes to drive to the whole. Red Head is tall and can move well, but nothing Tysen Webber can’t handle.

....Everyone loved this, and we're planning on doing this every game. We had practice tonight, and I made them run quite a bit because they kept missing free throws, and then I played along with them. After practice I actually played some more with Wayne Brother Corbett and one of his friends. So It was me and Wayne vs. those two! I kinda get a little mad at myself when I play basketball for fun anywhere because I seriously tear it up, i'm not going to lie. Like I was driving to the basket with ease, I guess I wasn't shooting that well tonight but I got like every rebound and was flyin everytime I jumped. I love when my knees are feeling good because then I can ACTUALLY play. I really was just drop step dunkin it like no other, and doing reverse dunks like I was doing it at home on the 8 foot rim! Anyways, I just wish I coulda used more of what I had in High School, but yeah i'm grateful that I actually got to play basketball and that I can still walk with my knees!

So, me and Wayne went dancing at Walmart the other day dressed up in crazy was SO FUNNY. About 10 people were just watching us and another 5 to 10 were sitting in there car watching us dance. We danced for about 45 minutes and recorded some of it, which I am hoping to get online soon. This was about a week ago, than last night we did the same thing, but this time we did it in front of roths with different uniforms, and added another person! A bum actually came up and started dancing with us, and a cop came by, and I asked if this was illegal, and he said no I just wanted to see what you're doing. SO, I have definately been having some good times with Wayne lately!

K....well I just have to say that I love my family! I know that it's basically my family that reads this, but like Nate said, anybody can get on, so if you're reading this, I love you too! I love my nieces...there SO amazing and so beautiful! I love how Addy calls me at 7 in the morning and leaves a message saying "WAKE UP" 20 times! I love that ALL my nieces and nephews are going to call me uncle SET! I love that Sara is a professional photographer already. I just showed Wayne your blog and he saw the picture of Addy at the beach and he thought it was professional and he said you could sell that! I love that me and Mckay are so much alike, and how he really helped me grow in SO many ways, and was the PERFECT oldest brother for me! I love Backyard football, where it would always end with me crying or Nate arguing! I love how AMAZING my little sister really is. She probably doesn't think so, but she is the example for me, and she will always be! I love how supportive my family is with Everything, although I think if I had to stop playing football for BYU they might have a hard time with that. I love how great my parents are, and how I can talk to my dad about anything, and he will give you the smartest and wises decision, it's almost like the spirit talking! I love all the experiences I have/had in life, winning "ONE" game in two years of Varsity football which really helped me be humble, and I learned a lot of lessons than that I never would've learned anywhere else. I love that even though people might not have though this, but that I was always talked down to from my peers in football and all my other sports. Everyone just really didn't like me, or just liked makin fun of me all the time, but that was another blessing which most people wouldn't think so, because I was able to push through the hard times and look to my Savior for guidance in those REALLY rough times. I came to a point where I was fine with not playing football anymore because I felt that it woulda been better not to play, than to play and have all those bad influences on the team! I love how my senior year couldn't have been better. I was loyal to my school and to Lebanon, and at times I felt that it was a bad decision and I wanted to leave, but I stuck it through the hard times, and it ALL paid off my senior year. I love that you can really be happy in EVERY SINGE situation as long as you are always positive and know that everything is going to be alright, it might seem really hard sometimes, and almost unbareable, but if we make it through, oh the blessings we will receive! I love the 3 amigos (Thomas, Wayne and I) and how I was blessed to have such great friends and examples growing up! I love that no matter what happens to my sister Sara, she will always be happy and look to it as a blessing! I love how much my sister Jamie reminds me of my mom(she always hates me for sayin this), sometimes I think mom is talking to me when I talk to her! I LOVE NATE PROBERT, he is an inspiration for everyone, and he is one of the kindest person I know! I love 360 pounds! I love whoever is still reading this, because they either love me back because their actually taking the time to read, or their just bored and want something to read! I love my momma, for ALWAYS caring for me, and calling every second to check up on me, even though I still remember waiting for 10 hours after a 4th grade football practice! GOOD MEMORIES! I love good music, especially Enya and the Mormon Tabernacle choir! I love that i'm still writing, but I think it's about time to stop! So, whoever read this all the way through, thank you, because i'm sure it wasn't to fun! Life is great, and the church is true!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Well, as I keep reading through everyones blog, I feel like this is the new way to communicate, but that i'm left out! I love everyones blog and I love that you guys update them everyday! I must say Saras blog is the dominant one thus far, but now that sethprob81 has joined, I think there might be a good challenge.
Who even started the blogging? I'm guessing it was Sara, but i'm not sure on that one. Well whoever it was, it's now the new family thing. I don't think Sara has been on the myfamily site in over 4 months, so obviously she's trying to tell us something.
Papers went in this last wednesday, and now it's the countdown to my call. It's really amazing how inspired this work really is, and how it really doesn't matter AT ALL where I go, I just want to get out in the field and serve the Lord. I've had some pretty good talks with Dad and Mom about the church and life in general. I definately didn't realize how amazing our parents really are and now everytime I read "I Nephi, Having been born of GOODLY parents" I sub myself in for Nephi, because I truly have been born of goodly parents and taught true principles that will bring forth happiness. I love you all, and hope that I can catch up with the new craze of blogging!!